Drh Grace Tabitha Tenggi Olihta Simatupang


Tanggal Lahir              : Medan, 30 Oktober 1995

Alumni                         : Universitas Udayana 2018
Spesial Interest           : Anesthesia and Nursery
Seminar dan Course  : 

  • Feline Renal Biomarkers 2020 by IDEXX International Education

  • Diagnosing, Staging, and Treating Chronic Kidney Disease in Dogs and Cats 2020 by International Renal Interest Society

  • Focus on Recent Graduates Series 2020 by Vet Education

  • Kitten Puppy Common Problem 2020 by Halo Vet and Royal Canin

  • Pre Anesthesia Drugs, Induced Anesthetics, and Inhaled Anesthetics 2020 by RWD Life Science

  • Lates Insight on the Prevention, Diagnosis, and Treatment of Canine Heartworm Disease 2020 by Bayer Animal Health

  • Standard Operation Procedure of Inhalation Anesthesia 2020 by RWD Life Science

  • Nutritional Management of Gastrointestinal Disease in Pediatric Patients 2020 by Royal Canin

  • Top 5 Liver Condition in Cats 2020 by Royal Canin

  • Basic Knowledge Blood Transfusion in Small Animal 2020 by Hidup Mitra Cahaya

  • Penggunaan Anestesi pada Hewan 2020 by PT ASK MEDIKA

  • Quick Examination and Radiographic Interpretation for Cardiac Disease 2020 by Royal Canin

  • Kitten Puppy Health and Disease : Start from Pre Pregnancy 2021 by Royal Canin

  • Responsible Pet Ownership 2021 by Royal Canin

  • Managing Nutrition for Kitten Puppy Patients 2021 by Royal Canin